And we’d subject our friends and colleagues to such strait

For when we said the vows on that date, our fate

Was unknowingly marked with contempt and hate

You came late: i’d lost some weight

I zipped my dress but then had to wait

And then you walked in; 11:28

But that smile made me weak and my anger dissipate

We said the words; captain, first mate

You kissed the bride; I took the bait

I was your wife; 12:28

4 years pass, along comes Kate

But she’s a girl, who does her father irritate

One more year passes and my period is late

I’m hoping it’s a boy; his name wud be Nate

Baby comes along

I name her Faith

His anger and hate, like an enormous spate

Two girls are not worth the baby weight

The new wife is here; I must accept my fate

Dinner must be served; I must the carrots grate

For now my place is with the plates

My womb replaced by my mate’s

A boy should soon follow; not much time to waste

Forgive my endless chatter; nothing but mere prate

These carrots will not themselves grate



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