iRave: NYX Dewy Finish Long Lasting Setting spray (Review)

Let me start by saying  – THIS. PRODUCT. IS. AMAZING! I could stop this review right here…but I won’t.

I’m not evil…(anymore).

I bought this yesterday at a store in my estate. I’d seen it at Gifty’s Daughter for N4500 and then saw it again that same day for N1000 less so I grabbed it and it was the last one.

NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray

NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray

There’s a Matte Finish one too but I have Combination Dry skin so I detest matte makeup (excluding lipstick of course).

What NYX says about it:

“Prevail the sultry weather wearing NYX Dewy Finish Makeup Setting Spray. Long lasting formula grants a dewy finish. Spray away and manage your makeup to last all day and night. Hold 8-10 inches from face, close eyes, and spray in downward motion 3 times to cover entire face. Let dry.”

I tested this out today to see if all three claims (dewy finish, long wear and makeup setting) were true so I applied my makeup as usual with my dewy finish foundation (MAC Studio Sculpt) mixed in with a tiny pea-sized amount of the NYX liquid illuminator in ‘Gleam’.


For my eye makeup, I used a palette I got yesterday as well, the Wet n’ Wild Coloricon Palette in ‘Comfort Zone’; I lined the look with my Wet n’ Wild gel liner and mascara’d up with my lengthening fibre mascara by Tara Orekelewa (Nigerian brand).

For the lips I used MAC’s Riri Woo and highlighted the inner bottom part with a dab of Tara Orekelewa’s the Sleek S (Nigerian franchise) Flash-a-Pout matte lipstain in ‘Revolution’. And then to top it all off, I sprayed three spritzes of the item in review on the left, right and centre of my face and was off to work.

km jk

Hehe! #modelshii

One thing to note about the spritzer though, is it kinda spritzes out harshly; like it’s not a soft spray like Fix+ and it doesn’t spread all over your face in one spray which is why three sprays are recommended.

At the 6 hour mark, we were still going strong.

Fish, ma'am? Grilled or Broiled

Fish, ma’am? Grilled or Broiled?

...lipstick was starting to fade though

…lipstick was starting to fade though

Normally, by this time, I would have lost some of the glow but today, it still looks ‘just-applied’ six hours after. I see no effect on the lipstick though as this is the exact same way my matte lipsticks progress throughout the day. Maybe I should have used a less long lasting lippie?

And now we have the grand finale…


The black individual you see in the corner is my friend/colleague, Nanpon. He is very very annoying!

– 12 hours after, this is what we have still = Long wear claim *check*

– Face is still glowy and fresh-looking = Dewy finish claim *check*

– Eyebrows and eyeshadow are still intact = Makeup setting claim *check*


Eyeliner didn’t do too badly either

I love how this worked on me and I believe the matte one works the same too; I’ve never really bothered to read reviews on that one, though so I’m only going by my experience with ‘her sister’. Therefore, do not take my word for it.

In all, I’d say it was a pretty good buy. (Hey, I just got an idea for a category: ‘Good Buy or Goodbye’. 😀 I know, i know, my brain is awesome!)

I’ll give this an 8 simply because I’d hoped it’d be more of a spray than a spritz; plus, the bottle could be bigger.

Have you used or do you use the NYX Dewy and Matte Finish Long Lasting Makeup Setting Sprays? What did/do you think of ’em? Lemme know; comment below.

Be Luxe. Be Lovely. Be Vain. No Apologies. 😉

PS: I need a better camera, I know. I’m working on it.


#100BeautyDays: Days Eight, Nine & Ten – My Avon-tastic romance…<3

Today I will be featuring three of my absolute favourite perfumes (after Rihanna’s Rebelle) in the entire universe.

All three are by Avon and are absolutely amazing. They smell more expensive than they are and are extremely long-lasting. Projection is also a winner.

I’m not exactly great at describing scents but I’ll try my best.

Rare Pearls, Rare Diamonds, Rare Gold

Rare Pearls, Rare Diamonds, Rare Gold

Rare Pearls is simply put, spicy-sexy. It smells very sensual and spicy, which is probably from the pepper and musk in the notes.  It projects beautifully and lasts about 10 hours. This one’s my personal favourite. If you like Pure Poison by Dior, you’ll love this.

Rare Diamonds is more floral and fresh-smelling. It’s a really cool scent which means it’s suitable to wear all year round.

Also projects really well and smells very expensive and luxurious.

Rare Gold is kind of a delicious combination of both. It smells very unique and dries down to smell almost the same as Red Door by Elizabeth Arden. Don’t reach for this as often though. It’s more a night time or special-day-out scent.

So that’s it. My beautiful perfume specials.

What are YOUR favourite fragrances? Avon and otherwise.

Comment below though.

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#100BeautyDays: Day Seven – Wet n’ Wild Coloricon Holiday Pallette in ‘Golden Goddess’

This is my absolute favourite palette. I use at least one colour in almost every makeup look I do.

Look at those colours!

Look at those colours!

It’s just so friggin pretty.

One of the colours which is my second favourite in the entire palette, got broken. But not to worry, there’s a fix.

*I’ll make it my first tutorial. ;)*

*sniff* We shall meet again to part no more!

*sniff* We shall meet again to part no more!

The colours are super pigmented; even the lighter ones and veeery easily blended.

Swatches below:


One swipe each. (That last one tho… *drools*)

As you probably noticed, the second one is  powdery with flecks of shimmer; that’s coz it broke. Hopefully the fix will fix that. *fingers crossed*

So what do you guys think? Do you also own this palette? Do you like it?

Comments don’t bite.

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#100BeautyDays: Day Six – Colour me Fly-gerian!

You can colour me ‘flu’-gerian too while you’re at it.

Been nursing a cold that’s proving extremely stubborn to handle; hence the later-than-usual post.

I’ve taken Advil, Septrin, Pro Cold, Menthodex, you freakin’ name it; NOTHING’S WORKING!

*sigh* Anyway…

So today’s day six and I thought I’d feature some more indigenous products; a few coloured lip pencils by Tara Orekelewa and Zaron cosmetics. (see previous post about a MAC eyeshadow dupe by Tara)

Both are Nigerian brands and of extremely high quality (although I do prefer Zaron to Tara juuuust a little bit).

We’ll start with Zaron:

Top-Bottom: Fussy Fuschia, ClayPot, Prune Juice, Red Vines

Top-Bottom: Fussy Fuschia, ClayPot, Prune Juice, Red Vines

These pencils are so ridiculously pigmented they actually double as (very long-lasting) lipsticks. Like seriously. The photos don’t even do it justice; I couldn’t find a suitable angle to really capture the colours. However, below’s a photo of me wearing the colour, ‘Red Vines’ as a lipstick.

I know, right?

I know, right?

These pencils cost N750 and last a very long time because they’re very pigmented so a little goes a long way. They also sharpen to a fine point so… that’s always a plus.

Next up is Tara:


Top-Bottom: Ebiere, Dark Brown, Takuere

The one in the middle doesn’t have an awesome ethnic name because it’s actually a brow pencil but I use it sometimes on my lips.

They’re also pretty pigmented but not as much as the Zaron ones. I use them mostly to create ombre lip looks on my devil-may-care makeup days.

Here’s the purple one that didn’t show in the 1st pic:

Here's the purple one that didn't show.

Also sharpens to a fine point

In all, they’re pretty solid quality double-duty lip pencils and come in a wide variety of colours. I will continue to repurchase.

What do you guys think? Comment below. (and put my nose and throat in your prayers too).

Be Luxe. Be Lovely. Be Vain. No apologies.


100BeautyDays: Day Five – The Pretty Plug-ins

So before the days runs out on me again, here’s today’s feature.

I present to you, my electronic assistants; my megawatt-acious beauties; my smoking hot compadres…


Plug in and Pretty up!

Plug in and Pretty up!


My Efficient Hairdryer:

Even when she’s set on cool, the strong blast of air she produces means I don’t spend days drying my hair as ‘punishment’ for wanting healthier hair.

My Understanding Straightener/Curler:

Knowing that I’m the queen of indecision, she doubles as a curler for the days when I can’t decide between Sexy Straight and Cute Curly for my weaves and extensions. Especially useful on-the-go too.

And last but by no means least,

My Compassionate Travel Iron:

He gets that I’m a bit of a lazy Daisy that never irons her clothes until she needs them. And that’s why he comes in a super-portable size (more space for clothes and makeup) but still packs enough heat to get the job done.

So that’s it; a round up of my favourite electricity conductors.

What are YOUR favourite styling products.

Comment, Like, Follow.

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#100BeautyDays: Days Three & Four: Essie Nail Polish (#14?) and Neutrogena Alcohol-free Toner

Hey people.

I know I know, I suck.

Remember I said I was going to a wedding? Well, it turned out to be an all-consuming one; took everything outta me plus data connection there was shyte. I came back to Lagos with a cold tho. #SouvenirAiye.

Anyhowz, I’m back now so I’m continuing the #100BeautyDays tag starting with a combo of the days I missed. Hope it still counts. 🙂


Day Three: Awesome Nail Polish by Essie

This extremely pretty nail varnish has no name; at least not on MY bottle. It just says ‘Essie’ on the front, the number 14 on the bottom and a big ‘e’ on top.

Maybe the label fell off?

Maybe the label fell off?

I checked the Essie website and just as I suspected all the colours have names. I scanned through to try to find it and the closest seems to be this one.

It’s kind of a steel gray colour and I love grays and blacks and very light greens for my nails so this fits in perfectly.

Ain't she pretty!

Ain’t she pretty!

I’ll try to confirm the shade name and update this.


Day Four: Neutrogena Alcohol-free toner

Even though I don’t use this as often as I should ever since I got this Clarisonic Dupe (*hehe* your girl got jokes), it’s still an awesome astringent that takes off the rest of my makeup and leaves za face feeling super clean. Alcohol-free means it isn’t harsh and doesn’t leave you feeling intoxicated just from the smell.

4 months sober ^_^

So that’s it.

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Honourable mention


#100BeautyDays: Day Two – Bio-balance Expert Sun Care Waterproof Sunblock SPF50

Hey people.
Road Trip! I’m on my way to a friend/colleague’s traditional wedding so I be inter-state blogging.
Even though typing on a touch screen while going bumpity-bump on the highway is a pain, I knew I couldn’t leave Day 2 unblogged so here goes.


This sunblock is the bomb-digidy! It has a more creamy, body-lotion-y consistency that makes it super easy to blend into your skin without leaving that unsightly white cast plus you don’t have to reapply as often as others. Plus it’s broad spectrum, even better. This is going to be in my beauty bag for quite a while!

What’s your favorite sunblock/screen? Lemme know; comment below.
Be Luxe. Be Lovely. Be Vain. No apologies 😉

#100BeautyDays: Day One – Flex Compact cum Loose Powder


Hey guys.

No posts yesterday. Was super busy; plus a little lazy.

So to help remedy that, I decided to join this #100BeautyDays tag thing that was started by  The Luxe Look as a spin-off of the existing tag, #100HappyDays.

It’s basically a showcase/review of one favourite product of yours everyday for a 100 days (or until you run out of products *hehe*).

So today, I’ll begin with a veeery low-end but absolutely amazing product that I use almost everyday. Like seriously, MAC (yes, i’m still on their case) ain’t got nu’in on it.

Ladies, meet Flexx.

Flexx Compact cum Loose Powder

This powder is absolutely amazing. Not only does it come with the same twist-and-sift shaver contraption that the exorbitant powders from Smashbox and the slightly less expensive Iman boast of, it is also RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP.

This powder costs ….drumroll please … N500!!!!! (about $3)

‘Shave’ out only what you need #zerowaste-itude

Although, it doesn’t claim to contain pure gold as one of its ingredients or have magical anti-aging properties (which I think is bullshit), it does absorb oil and glide on beautifully with minimal touch-ups needed throughout the day. Plus a friend I introduced it to uses it without foundation; just moisturizer and it covers well. So more points for medium-high coverage.

Now to the best and most AMAZING feature of this powder: the reason it was named ‘Flexx’.

This powder only comes in ONE COLOUR – caramel. Why?

Because it goes with ALL (coloured) skintones.

That’s right. Whether you’re as Dark as Lupita or as High-yella as Mona-Lisa.

I don’t know how they did it. Witchcraft? Black Magic? Impeccable formulation? Who knows? But somehow, this powder seems to detect your skintone and match it PERFECTLY.


It’s not very easy to find; almost impossible really. But I was introduced to it by a colleague who buys it at a store in Surulere. Contact me for purchase instructions if thou art interested. For those outside Nigeria, maybe you’ll have a bit more luck finding it.

So that’s it. Day One complete. Check back tomorrow for another beauty favourite.

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UPDATE: This powder is sold out where I usually get it and it turns out that was wholesale price but you can get it here at N1500.