iRant: PerFeCTly ImPeRFeCt – A poetic disclaimer

I’m anything but perfect..


I tend to be tardy and make excuses for being late

My mascara might run if we went on a date

My hair develops a mind of its own

It gets more rebellious with every inch it has grown

I tend to lie a little every now and then

I could tell you the same joke again and again

I’m kinda disorganized and just a lil┬ábit messy

And now, I cant think of anything that rhymes with ‘messy’

I tend to laugh a little too loud

And I could start to cry if I’m lost in a crowd

My hair could be slightly tousled ’cause I like the way it looks

I’d leave your room scattered with Sidney Sheldon books

If you see me smile to myself, I’m only daydreaming

And if you spent more than a few hours with me, you’d spend the day screaming

I can be really annoying and do things you don’t like

You might feel the need to run me through with a sharp pike

I might scratch my hair in public; there’s a good chance, I’d fall in heels

I could whine about wanting a skinny body just like Ally McBeal’s.

Then I’d probably start ten diets and not finish a single one

I could start a fight with you and then make you think you’ve won.

The point of this semi-diatribe shouldn’t be hard to get

Am I perfectly imperfect? Two words; You Bet!



Sidenote: Just before you decide to commit, just thought you’d wanna know these few things.

I can’t promise that my hair will always stay in place or that my make-up will stay intact. I might fight about petty things or handle situations with very little tact. But one thing I CAN promise is to love you like crazy, as long as you love me first… regardless of all my faults!