iRant: PerFeCTly ImPeRFeCt – A poetic disclaimer

I’m anything but perfect..


I tend to be tardy and make excuses for being late

My mascara might run if we went on a date

My hair develops a mind of its own

It gets more rebellious with every inch it has grown

I tend to lie a little every now and then

I could tell you the same joke again and again

I’m kinda disorganized and just a lil bit messy

And now, I cant think of anything that rhymes with ‘messy’

I tend to laugh a little too loud

And I could start to cry if I’m lost in a crowd

My hair could be slightly tousled ’cause I like the way it looks

I’d leave your room scattered with Sidney Sheldon books

If you see me smile to myself, I’m only daydreaming

And if you spent more than a few hours with me, you’d spend the day screaming

I can be really annoying and do things you don’t like

You might feel the need to run me through with a sharp pike

I might scratch my hair in public; there’s a good chance, I’d fall in heels

I could whine about wanting a skinny body just like Ally McBeal’s.

Then I’d probably start ten diets and not finish a single one

I could start a fight with you and then make you think you’ve won.

The point of this semi-diatribe shouldn’t be hard to get

Am I perfectly imperfect? Two words; You Bet!



Sidenote: Just before you decide to commit, just thought you’d wanna know these few things.

I can’t promise that my hair will always stay in place or that my make-up will stay intact. I might fight about petty things or handle situations with very little tact. But one thing I CAN promise is to love you like crazy, as long as you love me first… regardless of all my faults!


#100BeautyDays: Day One – Flex Compact cum Loose Powder


Hey guys.

No posts yesterday. Was super busy; plus a little lazy.

So to help remedy that, I decided to join this #100BeautyDays tag thing that was started by  The Luxe Look as a spin-off of the existing tag, #100HappyDays.

It’s basically a showcase/review of one favourite product of yours everyday for a 100 days (or until you run out of products *hehe*).

So today, I’ll begin with a veeery low-end but absolutely amazing product that I use almost everyday. Like seriously, MAC (yes, i’m still on their case) ain’t got nu’in on it.

Ladies, meet Flexx.

Flexx Compact cum Loose Powder

This powder is absolutely amazing. Not only does it come with the same twist-and-sift shaver contraption that the exorbitant powders from Smashbox and the slightly less expensive Iman boast of, it is also RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP.

This powder costs ….drumroll please … N500!!!!! (about $3)

‘Shave’ out only what you need #zerowaste-itude

Although, it doesn’t claim to contain pure gold as one of its ingredients or have magical anti-aging properties (which I think is bullshit), it does absorb oil and glide on beautifully with minimal touch-ups needed throughout the day. Plus a friend I introduced it to uses it without foundation; just moisturizer and it covers well. So more points for medium-high coverage.

Now to the best and most AMAZING feature of this powder: the reason it was named ‘Flexx’.

This powder only comes in ONE COLOUR – caramel. Why?

Because it goes with ALL (coloured) skintones.

That’s right. Whether you’re as Dark as Lupita or as High-yella as Mona-Lisa.

I don’t know how they did it. Witchcraft? Black Magic? Impeccable formulation? Who knows? But somehow, this powder seems to detect your skintone and match it PERFECTLY.


It’s not very easy to find; almost impossible really. But I was introduced to it by a colleague who buys it at a store in Surulere. Contact me for purchase instructions if thou art interested. For those outside Nigeria, maybe you’ll have a bit more luck finding it.

So that’s it. Day One complete. Check back tomorrow for another beauty favourite.

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UPDATE: This powder is sold out where I usually get it and it turns out that was wholesale price but you can get it here at N1500.