How to: Sweat-proof your makeup

Okay so I’d mentioned in a previous post that I have an extra tip I use to insure my makeup especially on hot, sweaty days (which in Nigeria is almost every day). A lot of girls have the problem of getting their makeup to stay in place for more than a couple of hours and find themselves having to reapply their makeup 360 times a day. Well, hopefully, I can help with that. The following is a list of steps you can take and products you can use to ensure flawless makeup all day long.

Prep and Prime: Not a very original title but it says what I mean. Prepare your skin by using a light moisturizer. I use the Olay Quench Daily Lotion with Shimmer, which is a really light but effective non-sweat-inducing moisturiser. (Buy here, although it might be cheaper at a physical store. I got a smaller bottle [350ML] at N1900)

Olay Lotion

Olay Lotion

Next up is a primer. Depending on the kind of skin you have, a suitable primer would help smooth out your face, fill in visible pores and lay a seamless foundation for your, well, foundation. *hehe*

If you have dry skin, you’ll need a hydrating primer; something creamy and water based.

If you have Oily skin, you’ll need a mattifying primer which would soak up all the oil on your face so it isn’t shining brighter than the Star of Bethlehem. (See Mary Kay Primer review)

If you have combination skin (like me) you might need both; one for your oily areas and one for your normal/dry areas.

If you’re not sure what type of skin you have, take the test.

A waterproof foundation like M.A.C Pro Longwear or Revlon Colorstay won’t hurt either. (If you ask me, the Revlon one is the better product but brand-name snobs might disagree.)

2. Use an antiperspirant:


Here it is; the piece de resistance of your entire routine. By antiperspirant, I don’t mean, Sure spray or Dove roll-on o! Abeg! I mean a product made for makeup (it’s actually meant for theatre makeup which is usually quite heavy.) The one I use is the Mehron Pro Face ‘No Sweat’ Perspiration retardant. {Mouthful, I know}. It’s pretty hard to find but if you travel a lot, I’d advise that you stock up on this. I bought it on Taries World but it looks like they’re out of stock so you can keep checking back or buy abroad if you can. (link) Apparently, it’s been rebranded.

Note: If only a certain part of your face has a problem with sweat (e.g upper lip) then dab a little only on that area.


3. Use a fixing spray. I use Fix+ even though it doesn’t really fix jack shit.


However, it’s a great way to get extra hydration especially since the ‘No Sweat’ product is VERY drying (a moisturiser is COMPULSORY) and also if you use matte products because of your oily skin. A less expensive option would be the e.l.f. Makeup Mist and Set spray, which I will be porting over to once this is finished.


So, my beautiful sweaty Bettys, now there’s a lasting fix for this particular makeup migraine.

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